The World Handicap System is expected to launch on 2nd November 2020. It is designed to welcome more players, to make golf easier to understand and to give all golfers a handicap which is portable all around the globe.

Some of the features of the WHS include:

  • Social rounds counting towards handicap
  • An average-based calculation of a handicap, taken from the best eight out of the last 20 scores and factoring in memory of demonstrated ability for better responsiveness and control.
  • A calculation that considers the impact that abnormal course and weather conditions might have on a player’s performance each day.
  • Daily handicap revisions, taking account of the course and weather conditions calculation.


You currently have a playing handicap. Under the WHS you will have a Handicap Index.

This will be computed as the average of the best 8 of your last 20 qualifying scores posted since 1st January 2018. If you have not posted 20 qualifying scores since then a method similar to allocating a new handicap will be used.

You are encouraged to submit as many cards as you can, competition or supplementary over either 9 or 18 holes.

It’s a new system, but you can still simply play and enjoy your golf – just the same as always.